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Barry Friedman

June 12 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Magic City Books is thrilled to welcome back our friend Barry Friedman for an in-store event to celebrate the release of the second installment of the life of his father, Jack Sh*t 2: Wait for the Movie, It’s in Color on Wednesday June 12 at 7:00 pm in the Algonquin Room.

Barry will be telling stories from the life of his father, Jack and signing copies of his new book as well as previous books.

The first volume of the life of Jack Friedman, subtitled Voluptuous Bagels and Other Concerns of Jack Friedman, was a #1 Oklahoma Best Seller.

Jack Sh*t 2: Wait for the Movie, It’s in Color is available at Magic City Books and online at: https://magiccitybooks.square.site/product/jack-s-it-2/1962. Books purchased online before June 12 have the option to ship after the event to have it signed by Barry.

About Jack Sh*t 2: Wait for the Movie, It’s in Color

Jack Sh*t 2: Wait for the Movie, It’s in Color is the second installment (there will be three) in the life of my father, Jack Friedman. “Pushing 90″-that’s how he described the last half of his 80s. Still in good health, he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, albeit kicking and screaming.” He dragged me here!” he’d say, pointing to me, to those who’d ask and those who didn’t. He wasn’t completely wrong. Before, three, four times per year I’d fly to Vegas to help him find the lost icons on his desktop, change the oil in a car he should no longer be permitted to drive, organize his seven antihypertensive medicines into plastic dispensers, and occasionally find long-forgotten liquified potatoes. For all his ebullience and energy, my father was, in fact, pushing 90, and men that age have strokes and get lonely and forgetful and yell at those who, according to him, moved the roads.

He needed to be closer to me. He needed someone to drive him to Panera. When the time came, I thought, better for him to die across town than in a nursing home in Vegas. His dementia when he arrived in Tulsa just visited occasionally. It was parenthetical, enlightening, and often marked by brilliant non-sequiturs. In time, that would change. But during these early years in Tulsa, Jack Friedman was still very much Jack Friedman.

Barry Friedman is the author of Jacob Fishman’s Marriages, Funny You Should Mention It, Road Comic, Four Days And Year Later, The Joke Was on Me, Jack Sh*t: Volume One Voluptuous Bagels and Other Concerns of Jack Friedman, the first his three-volume collection of life with his nonagenarian father. Barry is an essayist, reporter, standup comedian, and political columnist, his work has appeared in Esquire, where he has co-hosted “The Politics Blog with Charles P. Pierce” (Pierce in fact gave him the name “Friedman of the Plains”); The Progressive Populist; Inside Media; The Las Vegas Review-Journal; and the AAPG EXPLORER, a magazine for petroleum geologists, which is mostly noteworthy because he knows little about petroleum geology and has hurt himself pumping his own gas. Barry was also “Fletcher Cronie #1 or #2” (there is still some debate) in “Weird Al” Yankovic’s UHF . Barry hates being referred to in the third person.


June 12
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Magic City Books


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